Host A Walk To End Hunger Event

Are you interested in hosting a Signature Event? It’s as Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Our BetterLife Signature Event takes place in three parts.

Part One is where your group hosts a kickoff fundraising event prior to the walk. This event can be a picnic, BBQ, open house at a hall, or just a party – you pick! Our only request is that you leave it open to the community. At this kickoff, you should encourage everyone to fundraise during the month of July and August for your chosen hunger relief organization.

Part Two takes place throughout the month of July, when you fundraise for the hunger relief charity of your choice. Work with the community to raise funds by holding bake sales, sending fundraising letters, soliciting business donations, encouraging other community groups to join your team (or create their own), hosting food collections, etc.

Part Three, the grand finale, is the walk on August 8, 2021. We will all be walking together, on the same day, across the country. The walks will be a celebration of all the fundraising efforts over the month, tailored to fit the individuality of your community.

Want to get started?

Starter Kit

The start kit is full of information for our member leaders who are interested in hosting the signature event. Learn how to get involved and what you can do to make it a successful event!

Program Plan and Fund Request Form

The program plan and funds request form is the only form you will need to fill out to take part in this event. Fill this form out and turn it in to the Member Engagement Department by May 5th to secure access to resources and funds for your events.

Need some help thinking of fundraising events? Check out this list of fundraising ideas.


Have questions? Contact us!

Member Engagement Department

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Hallie Evenson | Member Engagement Specialist

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