June 28, 2022

2022 Signature Event: Scavenger Hunt

There’s still time to join the 2022 BetterLife Scavenger Hunt! The 2022 Signature Event: Scavenger Hunt is an opportunity for you to attend branch and lodge events across the country or answer trivia questions about the organization! So grab your families and friends now until July 31, 2022, and participate as often as is convenient for you!

How to Participate

Goosechase App
Download the app GooseChase, on your smartphone or tablet. Then follow the instructions to play as a guest or create an account. Play as an individual or team.
Our game code is: BETTERLIFE2022



What’s in it for Me?

This is a great chance to get to know your fellow branch and lodge members and make new friends! Plus, you can help make a difference in your community!

Top awards will be given to the member or team that answers the most trivia questions correctly, and the member or team that visits the most places/participants in the most events. They will receive a plaque and $250 to donate to the Veterans organization of their choice. 

The branch or lodge with the most participating members will also receive $250 to donate to a Veterans organization of their choice. 

Support our Veterans

Along with the winners’ donations, we will donate $1 to the National Veterans Foundation for every member participating. In addition, there may be volunteer or fundraising opportunities for Veterans events hosted by one of our branches or lodges.

Visit the 2022 BetterLife Scavenger Hunt webpage to see:

  • The current leaderboard
  • App step-by-step “how-to”
  • Upcoming events near you


Signature Event Trivia

If you are unable to travel or attend events, that’s okay! We still want you to participate! Every month, with the BetterBuzz e-newsletter, we will release trivia questions that you’ll be able to answer in the app or mail your answer to BetterLife C/O Member Engagement, PO BOX 1527 Madison, WI 53701. Please include your name and phone number with your response.