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Sign in to Win Giveaway

Supporting your community is what we do.

We’re giving back in a BIG way to get to know YOUR community.

How can your member group be rewarded for engaging with your community? Through our Sign in to Win Community Giveaway!

In 2024, we’re giving away funds to member groups and event attendees, and your group could win up to $3500 in additional funding this year. 

Our main purpose is to help your member groups grow, and we’re excited to support your community’s development.

How it Works:

1. Join: Attend and participate in community events.
2. Discover: Learn more about your community and its opportunities.
3. Flourish: Excel and engage with the community to help your member group grow.

At events, capture attendees’ information using the provided sign-in sheets (downloadable below). After the event, submit the completed sign-in sheets through our online form. It’s that simple! Join us in building a stronger, thriving community together.

How it Works

At events, capture event attendees’ information using the sign-in sheets provided (you can download the file for printing below).

After the event, submit the completed sign-in sheets using our online form.

For each event sign-in sheet submitted, your group and event attendees will receive an entry in a random drawing to win cash prizes.

Grand prizes include:

  • $100 to 15 random event attendees
  • $100 to 15 member groups that hosted the winning event attendees
  • $1000 to three member groups

Other prizes include:

  • $1000 to the member group that hosted the largest event (most attendees)
  • $1000 to the member group that hosted the most events within a time period

The first set of winners will be selected on May 31st, 2024 and will be announced at the Member Gathering on July 13th, 2024.

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