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Level Premium Whole Life Insurance

Purchase a lifetime of protection with affordable payments that won’t go up.

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Lifelong Protection With No Surprises

We aren’t given many guarantees in life. But, with BetterLife’s Level Premium Whole Life Insurance, you can protect your loved ones with lifetime of guarantees. This permanent solution offers guaranteed cash value, level premiums that won’t increase as long as you maintain your policy, and a guaranteed death benefit to protect your loved ones long after you’re gone.

Affordable Premiums

Level Premium Whole Life is the most affordable whole life option that has the potential to pay dividends.

Guaranteed Cash Value

Your policy will have a guaranteed cash value that grows over time.

Guaranteed Protection

If you choose, your whole life coverage will last your entire lifetime and pay a death benefit when you pass away.

BetterLife Member Benefits

When you purchase a BetterLife Level Premium Whole Life policy, you automatically gain access to our free, exclusive member benefits, which offer additional protection and value. Click on the button below to learn more.

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Level Premium Whole Life is ideal for…

Budget-minded Individuals

Level Premium Whole Life offers affordable premiums guaranteed not to increase, so you can receive permanent coverage with no surprises.

Converting Term Policies

Level Premium Whole Life is a great option for those seeking to convert a BetterLife term policy to a permanent policy because of its level premiums and wide age eligibility.

Final Expense Planning

Because whole life insurance is permanent (it’s designed to last until death), it is a great way to ensure there is money to cover your funeral expenses and other costs.

Gifting Policies to Children and Grandchildren

You can purchase a life insurance policy for a little one you love that will never go away and receive an affordable premium guaranteed not to increase, regardless of changes in health or age.

Our Level Premium Whole Life solution offers:


Policy Details

  • Policies available from $25,000 – 100,000+
  • Available to people ages 0-85
  • Lifetime coverage with an income tax-free* death benefit
  • Guaranteed cash value accumulation, as long as you pay your scheduled premiums
  • Eligible to earn dividends, which can be used in a variety of ways
  • Preferred rates available for qualifying applicants



  • Premiums established at issue age that are guaranteed to never increase as long as you maintain your policy (even if you develop health issues)
  • Lower premiums than Limited Pay Whole Life & Single Premium Whole Life


Options & Extra Benefits


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We also provide term life insurance and universal life insurance solutions. If you’re not sure how much life insurance you need, our life insurance calculator will help you to determine the correct amount.

If you would like to learn more about our life insurance solutions, contact one of our Insurance Agents today!

*According to tax laws IRC Sections 101 & 7702. Guarantees are backed by the financial strength and claims-paying ability of BetterLife.

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