May 13, 2021

Better Benefits: How Members Like YOU Are Utilizing Our Member Benefits

BetterLife membership has many perks, including a number of free, exclusive member benefits. BetterLife Member Benefits provide extra financial security to you and your loved ones and opportunities to give back to your community. If you have an annuity or life insurance policy with BetterLife, you are eligible to apply!

Our member benefits include Newborn Benefit, Orphan Income Benefit, Disaster Relief Benefit, Family Benefit, Health Benefit, Members in Action Benefit, National Member Scholarships, Lifeline Screening, and more! 

Members in Action Benefit

One of our most popular benefits is the Members in Action Benefit. This benefit is designed to provide financial support if you are an active organizer of an event in your community. To qualify, the event must be open to all members and promote BetterLife. Recipients of the Members in Action Benefit will be awarded up to $250 to use towards supplies, professional services, and promotional materials for the event.

Members in Action Benefit - Steak Feed

Lodge 74 used a Members in Action Benefit for their 12th annual steak and hamburger feed. This year’s event benefited the Dorchester Betterment organization. Customers could either dine in at a safe distance or take out.

On March 13, Lodge 74 took advantage of the Members in Action Benefit for their 12th annual steak and hamburger feed at the Dorchester Legion and Community Hall in Dorchester, Nebraska. The lodge used funds from the benefit to purchase steak, burgers, buns, baked potatoes, and salad for the event. Every year, this event raises money for community activities and projects. This year’s event benefited the Dorchester Betterment organization. To keep things COVID-19 friendly, customers were able to dine in or carry out meals. Volunteers were tasked with placing tri-fold toppers on tables, posting flyers of the event in the community, placing flyers in to-go orders to promote BetterLife, and preparing meat for the meals the morning of the event. A total of about 400 people were fed, and approximately 240 16-oz steaks and 160 1/3-lb hamburgers were served.

In past years, with the help of the Members in Action Benefit, this fundraiser has helped create a cemetery directory ($25,000), park shelter ($45,000), and water park ($250,000). The fundraisers have also helped fund scholarships. This year, they raised over $74,000 for Chromebooks that went to middle and high school students. The funds also helped purchase eight smartboards for classrooms at the Dorchester schools.

Disaster Relief Benefit

As most of us know, a disaster can hit at any time. BetterLife’s Disaster Relief Benefit provides monetary relief to cover out-of-pocket disaster-related expenses that aren’t covered by insurance. Disasters include floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, or even derechos.

Derecho Home Damage

BetterLife employee and member, Wayne Boddicker, lost 12 trees on his property during the August 2020 derecho that hit Cedar Rapids, IA. With the help of a Disaster Relief Benefit, BetterLife was able to help Wayne with damage costs to his home not covered by insurance.

As if a pandemic wasn’t enough, on August 10, 2020, Iowa was hit with a derecho. A derecho is a long-lived windstorm with a band of rapidly moving showers and thunderstorms. This derecho damaged 8,273 homes and 70% of the tree canopy in Cedar Rapids. In Iowa, there was about $7.8 billion in estimated damages to the homes, crops, and businesses affected.*

As of April 2021, forty-four BetterLife Disaster Relief Benefits were granted in an effort to help relieve our members who were affected by the derecho, including one of our own employees and members, Wayne Boddicker. His family lost twelve trees on their property, but they were very fortunate to have minimal damage to their home. Wayne explained, “We were without electricity for eight days and had to travel about thirty minutes to a neighboring town in order to get ice and gas.” Wayne and his family were not alone in this. Fortunately, thanks to the Disaster Relief Benefit, BetterLife was able to help cover some of the costs that were not covered by insurance.

Another member, Virginia Wilts, had a similar story. She lost five large trees that covered most of her yard and had no electricity for two and a half weeks. She was running a generator every day. Removing trees from her yard and house was costly. After she applied for the Disaster Relief Benefit, she was granted funds to help cover the costs of damages to her home and property. Pictured at the top of this blog post is BetterLife President, Craig Van Dyke, presenting Virginia with her benefit check. 

To this day, communities are still rebuilding their homes, farms, and businesses. But with the relief of BetterLife’s Disaster Benefit, we were able to help some of our members get back on their feet.

If you have questions about our benefits, contact the Member Engagement Department.

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