March 22, 2021

Meet BetterLife’s CEO: Dan Shinnick

In August 2017, Dan Shinnick joined National Mutual Benefit (now BetterLife) as President and CEO.

Along with his experience in leading marketing, actuarial, fraternal, and business development teams, Dan brings with him a motivated mindset and a passion for making a difference. Since he was a child, Dan has wanted to be a leader: “Whether as an athlete, student, teacher, or coach, I felt that I had more to offer than just doing a job.”

Dan is known by his team as a passionate coach, a goal-driven and dynamic steward, a driving force, and an innovative and engaging leader who is not afraid to get his hands dirty. He works hard to create a fun and positive workplace with his dry sense of humor, “love” of cats, and goofy dad jokes, which he claims have turned him into an “internet sensation”. He feels it’s important to be serious about the work we do without taking himself too seriously.

What do Dan’s coworkers say about him?

BetterLife CEO Dan Shinnick waving hello

“Dan brought the organization kicking and screaming into the 21st century.”
– Steve Reindl, SVP Finance and Corporate Treasurer

“He encourages the organization to think outside the box and position ourselves for future growth, which will help our members.”
– Jared Bruley, SVP Member Acquisition

“Dan connects with you on a personal level, which is essential to developing a positive work culture.”
– Bradley Pagnucci, Financial Analyst

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