Member Engagement Redesign 2023

In January 2023, we will launch our BetterLife Member Groups that will evolve our current Branch (Legacy National Mutual Benefit Members) and Lodge (Legacy Western Fraternal Life Members).

This unified model will bring together our current member-led groups under one framework of support that focuses on consistency and simplicity, allowing our volunteer leaders to concentrate on engaging members and making an impact, rather than paperwork and process.

We invite all members to join an upcoming informational session to learn more about this new model as our first step to rolling out these evolutions for 2023.


2023 Forms

Emailed or mailed forms will not be accepted, you must submit your forms by online forms.

Quarterly Activity Plan FormQuarter 2 Quarterly Activity Plan Forms must be submitted by Friday, March 3.

Post Activity ReportQuarter 1 Post Activity Forms must be submitted by Friday, April 14.

Photo Submission Link

Quarterly Activity Plan Form Examples:

Member Meetings or Events Examples Includes examples for monthly meetings, social, charitable/volunteer, & ethnic/patriotic events
Fundraiser Examples Includes a general fundraising and hall fundraising example
Donation Example Includes a donation example
Direct Response Examples Includes examples for matching funds and natural disasters

Redesign 2023 Resources

Resources will be updated as the new model evolves

Resource Last updated
Redesign Intro Presentation (9/14/22)
Member Group Roles and Guidelines (9/30/22)
Member Group Funding and Resources (1/24/23)
New Group Names (12/29/22)
Frequently Asked Questions (1/24/23)
Fraternal Advisory Board Contacts (1/24/23)


Member Leader October Letter

2023 BetterLife Seminar dates

Please contact Member Engagement at if you have any questions.