August 15, 2018

Providing a Lifetime of Protection with Limited-Time Payments

Making sure your loved ones are provided for is important to you, but paying life insurance premiums for your entire lifetime can be a hassle. With NMB’s Classic Whole Life Destination, you can have the best of both worlds—a lifetime of coverage with limited-time payments.

Classic Whole Life Destination is a participating whole life insurance policy that—unlike traditional whole life policies that you pay for your entire lifetime—can be funded entirely through level premiums that end after 10 or 20 years, or by the time you reach the age of 70. Although your payments end after the specified period of time, your life insurance coverage will remain throughout your entire lifetime, giving both you and your family greater peace of mind. This policy offers the same great benefits of traditional whole life insurance such as a guaranteed death benefit and guaranteed cash value*, as well as dividend eligibility**.

A Classic Whole Life Destination policy can be the perfect way to make sure your family’s financial future is protected, while also ensuring that you don’t have additional financial obligations during retirement or other pivotal times in your life. Without your regular income in retirement, bills can become a burden. This policy can be the perfect option for retirement because although there are many aspects of your finances that are outside of your control, paying for your policy now can allow you to cross one major expense off your retirement checklist.

This policy can also be a great gift to a loved one. It gives you the option to provide a gift that will last for his or her entire lifetime, without the stress of ongoing payments. If you purchase this policy for children or grandchildren while they are still young, by the time they head out on their own, they will have lifelong life insurance coverage that will never cost them a dime. This is a great way to encourage your children or grandchildren to be financially responsible.

Classic Whole Life Destination is available up to age 75 (10-year pay), age 65 (20-year pay), or 49 (pay until age 70). The minimum policy amount is $10,000. For more information on this policy contact your local district representative or the home office at (800) 779‒1936 or

*Guarantees are backed by the financial strength and claims paying ability of National Mutual Benefit.
**Although dividends are not guaranteed, they are generally declared annually and credited to the policy on its anniversary date.