March 10, 2021

Welcome to BetterLife, a different kind of life insurance company

As of January 1, 2021, National Mutual Benefit and Western Fraternal Life combined to create a new company named BetterLife, a different kind of life insurance company. BetterLife is a continuation of everything that has made these two organizations special over the past 100+ years.

As BetterLife, we will continue to offer competitive and trustworthy protection for you and your loved ones while helping you make a difference in your communities. We offer the same friendly and reliable service you have come to expect along with exclusive BetterLife Member Benefits that are designed to help you live a better life. We continue to be a company you can count on.

While preserving the strength of our organization is essential, we will also explore new ways to be more member-focused with the goal of providing the best value and service to our members. For example, we will find fresh approaches to leverage technology so we can provide more convenient service and create new opportunities for you to connect with other members and make an impact in your communities. The future is bright at BetterLife, and we plan to continue to evolve and thrive for many years to come.

Better Together.

64,000+ members, $650 million in assets, $2 billion life insurance in forceAs a new, combined company, BetterLife is bigger, stronger, and better able to serve members located throughout the states we do business in. As of February 2021, BetterLife has 64,000+ members, $650 million in assets, and $2 billion life insurance in force.

Our new company is headquartered in Madison, WI. We will have more than 120 branches and lodges, which are member community groups that come together to socialize and organize fun events, fundraisers, and volunteer activities. Read more about our branches, lodges, and member community groups here.

What’s New in 2021?

With a new name comes some new member benefits! When you purchase a life insurance or annuity policy with BetterLife, you are automatically eligible to apply for our BetterLife Member Benefits. These free benefits can provide extra protection for you and your family, financial support for projects you care about, or scholarships for higher education. Click here for a description of all BetterLife Member Benefits.

We are proud to offer a brand new BetterLife Health Benefit, which provides up to $1,500 to members for out-of-pocket expenses for serious illnesses. Member Engagement Co-Directors Anne Rogers and Kelsey Logan helped create this benefit to assist members who are going through difficult times. “At BetterLife, we understand that out-of-pocket health costs can be a burden for our members. We are excited to offer this new Health Benefit to those who really need it”, explained Kelsey Logan.

Additionally, we revamped the scholarship programs previously available through both National Mutual Benefit and Western Fraternal Life. In 2021, BetterLife is offering up to $65,000 in scholarships to BetterLife members pursuing higher education. The scholarships range from $1,000 to $5,000 and have helped hundreds of members over the past century.

BetterLife’s Member Benefits aren’t the only thing that’s new. We’ve also created a product portfolio that includes a variety of life insurance options designed to fit different life stages and needs, as well as four annuity options. BetterLife’s life insurance and annuities include the best from both companies and are designed to provide you with affordable coverage that you and your family can count on. BetterLife also offers a Funeral Expense Trust Program, which pairs with our Final Expense Whole Life Insurance options to ensure that your life insurance death benefit goes towards paying your final expenses. Here’s a snapshot of BetterLife’s product offerings:

Lastly, on January 1, 2021, we launched our new BetterLife website. Here you can find additional product and member benefits information, along with simple ways for you to make payments and access your account details! You can also find helpful resources, contact information, and member forms that allow you to change your beneficiary, for example.

A Bright Future.

We look forward to building a bright future with you. As a member-owned company, you, our members, are at the center of everything we do. BetterLife is a different kind of life insurance company, and we promise that:BetterLife Brand Promise

Through living this promise, we strive to help all of our members and their loved ones live a better life. We welcome YOU to the BetterLife family!